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Brief Introduction of China Agricultural Carnival Industry Alliance


The Agricultural Carnival project, as an important breakthrough of the development of regional agricultural industrialization, is a popular project that causes a great sensation. It isa platform for demonstrating and promoting of modern agricultural science and technology, a platform for trading of local high-quality agricultural products, a platform for agricultural sightseeing,  leisure tourism, a platform for cultivating a new type of skilled farmer and popularizing the science of food safety among citizens, a platform for social practice cognition of primary and middle school students, a platform for innovation and incubation, and a platform for local culture propaganda. The Agricultural Carnival project profoundly embodies the "integration of three industries", promotes the coordinated development of economy, society and ecology, and incarnates the multi-functionality of agriculture, which plays an extremely important leading role in improving agriculture efficiency, promoting rural development and raising farmers' income.

Founded on November 11, 2017, the China Agricultural Carnival Industrial Alliance was initiated by Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., Ltd. with the purpose of promoting the sustainable development of the Agricultural Carnival project and maintaining its innovative, leading and driving function, which attracts excellent Agricultural Carnival projects and agricultural talents nationwide and forms an Agricultural Carnival network throughout the country by integration of the whole industry chain. This network provides an interactive and exchange platform for the industry from point to area, and this promote resource sharing and mutual benefit, and further enhance and drive the development of local agricultural industry.