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Agriculture carnival project as a regional agricultural industrialization development key, is a gathering of detonation project, is the modern agricultural science and technology show promotion platform, where high quality agricultural products trading platform, agriculture sightseeing tourism and leisure platform, a new type of professional farmers' training and public food safety science popularization platform, primary and middle school students social practice cognitive platform, innovation incubation platform, local cultural publicity platform.Agriculture carnival project profoundly embodies the "tertiary industry integration", to promote coordinated development of economy, society and ecology, reflects the versatility of agriculture, in driving the development of local agriculture efficiency, rural areas and farmers' income in the process of getting rich, play a very important role in leading. Carnival "China agriculture industry association, founded in 2017, on Nov. 11, launched by Beijing middle peasants fortis horticulture co., LTD., in order to promote the sustainable development of agriculture carnival project, maintain its innovative will guide for the purpose, the whole construction machinery, steering, and convergence of national excellent agriculture carnival project and agricultural talents, through the integration of the whole industry chain alliance, formed in the national agricultural network, carnival to point with surface, provide interactive communication platform for the industry, promote resource sharing and mutual benefit and win-win results, further enhance and promote the development of local agricultural industry.